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Next Generation of Remote Alcohol Monitoring

The BI SL2 is a handheld wireless testing device designed for remote alcohol monitoring. The devices obtains the participant's BAC and location and takes a picture during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time image, and GPS location are instantly sent to the cloud-based monitoring portal where the results can be accessed remotely or will trigger automated alerts to be sent directly to any designated contact. 

Device Features 

  • Discreet handheld device

  • Evidential grade Dart Fuel cell

  • Internal camera for user verification 

  • Embedded cellular GPS module 

  • Uses Verizon's network

  • Easy on-screen instructions

  • Multiple tamper resistant features 

BI SL2 Solutions

Criminal Justice

  • Pre-trial

  • DUI/DWI offenses

  • Alternative to IID

  • Probation 

  • Family Court


  • Aftercare programs 

  • Professional Treatment Programs

  • Family monitoring

Breath Alcohol Monitoring: Services
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